Grand Hotel Miramare Restaurant

Revisited specialities of the Ligurian Riviera

Grand Hotel Miramare


Its white palace in Art Nouveau style has become a symbol of the Ligurian Riviera: Grand Hotel Miramare is a historic 5-star hotel stars overlooking the Tigullio Gulf. Always privately owned, the hotel is known throughout the world for its hospitality, cuisine, events and history.


The Vistamare Restaurant offers a distinctive cuisine, combining Ligurian tradition with the most refined contemporaneity. Its hall is decorated with stuccoes and frescoes restored to their original splendour.

Vistamare, is also open to external customers and is considered an example of savoir vivre. "Put on a summer's evening dinner on the terrace..."

The soft light of a candle and the gentle sea breeze will turn a simple meal, breakfast, lunch or dinner on the terrace into an unforgettable moment. Or, as the hotel recommends, don't choose at all and experience them all.


Blue and green are the main colours of the Grand Hotel Miramare and the panorama in which it immerses itself, instilling a feeling of profound serenity.

Organise your wedding reception here, intoxicated by the fragrances of its park and the sea breeze. The indoor and outdoor spaces are well organised to accommodate your reception, perhaps preceded by a cocktail in its rooftop garden or organised in the covered spaces around its beautiful swimming pool.

Baptism, anniversary or birthday: Grand Hotel Miramare is the place where a private event becomes an unforgettable moment.

Bar Le Colonne

Sun, sea and the scent of flowers will inebriate you at the Bar Le Colonne, where you can sip an aperitif, enjoy a snack or a light lunch. The menu and cocktail anthology will know how to grab your attention, especially in the summer months.

There are 25 of them in Italy. They are the Bond Bars, prestigious clubs linked to the myth of 007. Bar Le Colonne, of which Roger Moore was a well-known frequenter, is part of this exclusive club.

Your Vodka Martini shaken, not stirred? Good choice, but there is a world of cocktails for you.

Barracuda Piano Bar

Warm, enveloping, relaxing. Typically nocturnal.

The Barracuda is the essence of the contemporary piano bar: an environment where everything softens, voices become whispers, music a discreet companion, and gestures acquire the solemnity of rituals.

The ideal place for an aperitif, a wine tasting or an after-dinner drink with friends.


Grand Hotel Miramare

Via Milite Ignoto, 30, 16038 Santa Margherita Ligure GE


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