The Fortress of Angera

La Rocca di Angera stands majestically on a spur of rock dominating the southern Lombard shore of Lake Maggiore. In a strategic position for controlling traffic, it was owned by the Visconti family, originally from Verbano, and in 1449 it was acquired by the Borromeo familyto whom it still belongs today. Inside, an enthralling itinerary leads to the discovery of the imposing Historical Rooms. Of great artistic importance is the Hall of Justice, which houses a cycle of frescoes painted by an anonymous local painter in 1277, narrating events from the life of Archbishop Ottone Visconti. In the Hall of Mythology, on the other hand, we find an extraordinary collection of majolica from the most diverse countries of the world.

Of great interest to visitors is The Museum of Dolls and Toys. Founded in 1988 by Princess Bona Borromeo Arese, this museum is the largest of its kind in Europe and stands out for the quality, variety and rarity of the exhibits. The exhibition presents the history of the doll and toy through the evolution of materials, socio-educational behaviour and links with art, costume and fashion of yesterday and today.

Another important section for the entire Rocca di Angera complex is the Ala Scaligera, which underwent careful conservative restoration work between 2015 and 2017 and is now a space entirely dedicated to contemporary art exhibitions.

Framing the castle is the exquisite Medieval Gardenrich in symbolic meanings. It is organised in different zones, each characterised by different plants or natural elements: the grove of hazels, cypresses and holm oaks, the pond with goldfish, the Small Herb Garden with medicinal herbs or the famous rose garden that forms a shady pergola.

During the visit, it is also possible to take a pleasant break while admiring Lake Maggiore in the Cafeteria of the Rocca di Angera where pleasant lunches and snacks with selected Italian products are served

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